Matilda & Rue: Big Red House On The River Moo

25 Sep

Drip. Drip. Drip.
A spout that leaks.
Tip. Tip. Tip.
A floor that creaks.

One & one.
Try being two.
Make up our old sisters,
Matilda & Rue.

Who might have thought,
Two trouble a mouse.
With these sisters
In their big red house.

So…slipped our mouse.
Down ten wooden stairs.
Taking along with him,
Two Dancing Suit Chairs.

All could not stop.
Flying right for the Spout!
With Matilda & Rue
looking surprised about…
Two Dancing Suit Chairs.
A brave, falling mouse.
Drippity. Drip. Drip.

“BOOOOOOOOO!!!” went the Spout.

“Rue!” cried Matilda.
“The water won’t stop!”

“Oh, no!” went Rue.
“If you can’t swim…then hop!”


Four all in water.
Quite tall to their tummies.
Add on two more
With our Sailing Dust Bunnies.
Standing on top of a blue velvet couch.
UP went the water!
With no where to slouch.

Not even a corner.
Not even the mouse.
Not even Matilda.
In Rue’s red house…
Could stop the cow’s MOOOOOOing.
All milk they made!
UP went the river.

As the red house sailed way…

It sailed past a city.

It sailed past a town.

It sailed past the Circus Boat King Fish Clown.

It sailed for a day.

It sailed until morning.

The big red house sailing until…

The sun began yawning.

“Oh, look at this,” said Matilda to Rue.
“The sun is drying our River of Moo.”

“Well,” went Rue.
“No boo to that. Next time I’ll bring my sailing house hat.”


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One response to “Matilda & Rue: Big Red House On The River Moo

  1. Christy Birmingham

    09/25/2012 at 5:29 pm

    What a fun poem! I love the bouncing of the words 🙂


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