G. Wonder I: First Catch of Chocolate Moonlight

20 Apr

Every star falling?
From out of the sky!
Who catches them?
But G. Wonder I.

Live at Far’s River.
Beyond Milky Way South.
Warm, never hungry.
In my candy made house.
Made of Moon Pies and Pluto Root Filling,
Syrup Star Bricks line checkered cloths spilling.
My special float soda.
Oh, Heaven’s Delight!
Milled by chewy stacks of chocolate moonlight.

When Summer rings.
A harvest she sings.
A rainbow true to these sweet, starlight things!
I’ve got a flying, Land Chuckle Ship Dove!
Let’s zoooooom out of Wonder’s Space Factory above!
We’ve filled her to brim.
She’s powered by spice,
Cinnamon Rain and Angel Cake Rice.
Landing outside.
@ Middle of Night.
Only at dark.
Out of sight!

Better than Who?
It’s my sweet visit.
Knocking on door.
You may ask,
“Who is it?”

You cannot tell.
Just who I really are.
Bringing such treats from so very far.

Oh, such a wonder!
A sweet catch.
Made from the best of G. Wonder’s batch.
Mouth-watering goodness.
You don’t have to buy.
All from falling stars.
And me…
G. Wonder I.


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Posted by on 04/20/2012 in The word roll


One response to “G. Wonder I: First Catch of Chocolate Moonlight

  1. christyb

    04/21/2012 at 12:50 pm

    “Such a sweet catch” indeed! Tasty words, what a great poetic treat!


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