A Change of Menu

02 Feb

What does he do?
Throws around his chow
After one bite or two.

What’s wrong with your food?
Don’t you like anything I haven’t over-stewed?

I’ve given you everything.
Tried A-to-Z’s.
Even mixed your favorite, Fried Banana Burger Fleas.
But, Goobers-a-dog!
He’ll bark and crimp
Even if I give him Roast Onion Corn Chimp.

No Orange-U-tang chef
or tall man cook,
knows how to make this—
I’ll go right to the book.
Look here, Goober,
I’m talking to you!
Holding out Blue Fish-Cotton Warmed Hoo.
From the sweet waters off Cape Ripple Sound.
Has now been caught lolly-popping around.

OH! You don’t like Hoo!
Then boo to that.
I’ll just throw it to Mustard,
Our Calico cat.
That swallowed the Hoo
and now has…WHAT!
Mustard has a case of LUMP LIVER GUT!!!

Our cat runs and flips
with calico tears,
Singing about seeing one-hundred pink bears.

Oh, no, Goober!

Now look what you’ve done!

Won’t you eat anything?

Just for fun.

I’ll slice some butter
for cold salad whip,
made of rice other than
leg-ooh-me hip.
Top those black berries
and cram on the cream.
Now stirring it all into some fresh-sour steam.

If that won’t do.
We’ve got a plan!

How ’bout dog food, Goober.

Eat like a man!

–copyright2012 M.D.

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