Can You Spare Fifteen?

09 Jan

A certain reasoning comes to mind when we read the title of this post. Can you spare fifteen? Fifteen what? Fifteen dollars? Fifteen hours? Well, more like fifteen minutes. For snickety’s sake on Monday morning! We at remostrainbarn might as well be asking you to build a space shuttle from old nylon hair dryers.

Suppose you did gather those fifteen minutes to spend. Perhaps even eight, well-timed by the commuters rush-rush way of doing things. Where on earth would they be spent? Exact suggestions on where you plan to expend, well, we can’t say that. There might be a cue in how. That’s what we’re sending. How.

We’d like you to gather your fifteen, eight, three or four minutes, and see the wonder of how fantastic things flow around you. One might feel dwarfed by how big and fast everything moves, but it all serves you, the person, so well. A detailed timetable of trains arriving for you! A cup of coffee ready by those folks behind the counter…for you! If lost, someone to give you directions. And while you are a universe shining bright and moving fast in the galaxy hub, take time to remember the other stars around you…they are equally important! A few minutes of observation.


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