Spaghetti And Corned Flake Bake

07 Jan
On top of spaghetti
All covered with flakes
If this isn't right
Even I make mistakes.

Well, let's take those flakes
And top 'em to cheese
And all hold our noses
So 'em roses won't sneeze.

'Cause if roses do sneeze;
I make mistakes.
And even you can eat spaghetti.
With your corned flakes.

Corn bakes with cheese?
American or Swill---
Shredded, with no stopping,
slopping Red Cabbage Dill.

Red Cabbage Dill?
May be something---
who knows?
When eating with a band of Joking Egg Toes.
But only if they march with Pop Goes The Weasel.
Will we book such a time
With A. Cook Nose Diesel.

A. Cook Nose Diesel?
Now...he's really far!
And spaghetti is spaghetti.
No matter who you mealy are.
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