Good morning shoutout

05 Jan

Just another day. Time to wake and head out! At least now you have these moments by yourself before everyone rises, and the feeding frenzy begins. Oh! Those little sharks gobbling down the last of the orange juice and cereal. A few more things to put on the shopping list for the end of the day. Yes. You woke to a quiet world. It’s about to get a little noisy. You can take it. You’ve got it all down. You’ve been doing this for some time now.

For those of us up at the trainbarn, we’ve been thinking about  you. But we’ve been blue printing most of the night. All-too-consumed with getting those poetic details sorted out, so that we may continue to bring you strange-poetic creation on strange-poetic worlds. remostrainbarn plans on taking you and the kids away with screen-fed adventures so tasty, it will be like BBQ for the eyes! Yum!

Yes…you know what is to be done. You’re preparing for the day. Isn’t it nice to know some of us have you in mind with only one thing: at the end of that day, when it comes time to tuck the little sharks in, you’ll have a story unique as the ones Mom and Dad read to you. remostrainbarn wants to, and hopes to, soon become the place where you start and end your day.

But for now…ohh! Yeah…we rememeber:

MTA? LIRR? Metro North? It’s never a routine getting there. The drama unfolds in a million stories around you. You are the best at what you do. Open that curtain and once again be free!

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