Second Commuter Inspiration Of The Year

04 Jan

If you don’t have the warmth of the tropics when you step in the shadow of the City That Never Sleeps, you always have remostrainbarn to brighten your day! Welcome aboard, folks, to the second install of your morning inspiration. Glad to see you!
Hopefully, you’ve got that organic coffee in hand, ready to brave the elements (come on it’s not that cold) and join your fellow straphangers in doing the amazing job(s) you guys do everyday. If you need info on how the MTA is planning to turn your commute into a quest for the HA’rbolian Mountains on Planet Huumeechaka, you can always access their website at, and that should help. Detailed information on everything going on, but not limited to that Plump Noodle Bo’Ray, who over-ate this morning, creating a “sick passenger condition” near Walrus Street. And if the MTA does make you late, they offer proof you can hand to the boss with a form one can fill out at their website, detailing exactly how and when the train got held up. Superb!
So, you might ask, “Where’s the inspiration?” That’s the easy part. It’s in you. Before you step out of the door this morning, take a moment to remind yourself about how wonderful you really are. Look in the mirror. (AND…YES…you are beautiful! Smart and strong, too.) You couldn’t have made it this far without being the best. You’re all the proof you need.

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