Tee Ho-Hummm Ureee! Let’s Fly To The Moon!

01 Jan
To laugh at books
To laugh at noon
To laugh at night
Or under the moon

But, Mr. Moon
Would you laugh at me?
If I had only a single's
tee ho-hummm ureee!

I can't say it yet.
You don't know what is.
The best of my making
four-wheeled machine biz.

Mine's just this secret!
We'll move right along.
For I've become bored
of laughing too long.

I've gone to my shed
and swiped up a wrench,
parting one ton metal's worth
on my work bench.

Oh! Metal's-a-bore!
Know plain old and dumb.
Without a touch of ground-core plumb.
To grind those pedals
of engines at whirl,
Between my laughing
and our moon's nightly world.
I'll make a machine!
She'll fly straight can't you see!
We'll build her from books.

Never must-a-worry
let worrying go
To hurry in building
from parts so we know:

There's Grommets and Bolts,
Screwtall Will Match,
Whizzing Saw's Buzzing
at Tumbler-Tin Thatch.

First comes my frame.
Finest and fair.
Mine's such a wonder floating in air.
Could it be a car?
Forget Chitty Bang Blue.
You're a rocket ship, too!

You might say,
From Red Sand metal and
silk-calico quilt.
We'll fix a frame,
with maybe one hole to spare,
patching sole rubber
from old Socks'n'Wear.
Are we sure this will do it?
To keep the wind out.
While the wind is a blowin'
our HUMMM UREEE about...

To power our thrusters
on Mustard Fat fries
they mustn't hot bluster
on take-off to rise.
So churns the butter to putter in-lift.
When mixed with some nutter, Quack-a-goo Quip.
Is this the gas
we'll pour into 'REEE
taking us past the HO-HUMMM
you see.

At last
here's the bang
for our cool car ship.
Chocked with plenty of Ripe Veggie Dip.
Twenty-two tanks of Roll Butter Pure-A
Are mixed at a boil on take-off pad thray.
We've plumbed our metal
and stocked this car
for a speedy trip to that
laughing moon far.

No space suit...
no---that's not needed!
I'll dress in lamb's skin
that's wurst wool pleated.
Gloves are tin pans
on over my tweezils
who'll cover my nose
when a loud snoot sneezils.

Counting down from
Away we'll fly in the

First to de-patch
our junker-cog jug.
Tied to a catch
near the Roll Butter Plug.
Which noodles the needles
on lifting a beam---
heating up oodles
of steamed Quip cream.

Six-hundred fifty
switch 'N' pilot on go!
Thirty-nine, thirty-eight
'till main thrusters throw.
Up in a cloud of cooked-fry diesel.
Hold on to your hat.
This is one ride, weasel!

Up to the stars on over and through.
YEEEEHAWWW!!! hollar than hollar's delight.
We'll fly to meet Mr. Moon tonight.

We see that place
of Ho Hummley Yors,
Sailing through rivers of
CosmicChoc Smores.
Melting in rays of
gooey Sunilla,
topped with
a slop of FooFudge'n'Filla.

No slowing down!
More power to fly!!!
Over a comet of ketchupcut fries.
How close!!!
Too close I think!!!
Time to switch on
our Carb-O-pop plink.
That sweetens the soda
for power-on-fast.
Blowing out cola in ear rolling blasts.

Sizzle top speeds
pop fizzle per hour.
Guiding us long past
half in the hour.
A wizzzleeee.
A wink.
A gizzleeee-tee-doo.
Low the slow broom
near Mr. Moon's blue!

Now, I've had landings!
Then some hard.
But nothing like parking
on Moon's backyard.

I've known of bumps.
Then a sea of green cheese.
It's dotted with lemon-pop-polka dot peas.

How strange this is!
Most humbling yet.
To see a low-bumbling Willow-weep Kept.

No low-bumbling
or creepy crawl tree,
gives us a ho-humm
or either

Oh, Mr. Moon...
Where are your friends?
Some that I've heard
So now and then.

We know of Winter-Man Goobler McJello.
Who eats only pumpkin-pit Hoobler, this fellow.
Known to greet all in their
moonstruck mellow,
he rides a can-at-ta-tee
and plays a shell cello.

Who entertains all?

Those no-nonsense budge.
I must have a laugh
or yawn wearing this grudge.

Where are a thousand
Plump, Popsel-Gone-Pizzitts.
Who'd otherwise rumble
when seen by those Fizzitts.
You'd dare a jumble
or riot and two,
if tossed by a Widget
or Screaming Egg Blue.

Not much here.
Not what I've planned!
No one can see--
just us and the moon.

Tee Ho-Humm UrEEE,
Let's fly on home!
Back to the shack.
Back to alone.

I could have made Snippits
Or Tuddle Bug Cake
Or sizzled up clippitts with
a Whippit-lug rake.

Or maybe...
Fried clumpies in a clumpy coat bag
Or served up Sir Lion
in stewed-herring rags.

Oh, all on earth!
Where is my stove?
that's pipin' hot plove.
She'd boil a batter
and whistle TEEE-HEEE!
While fryin' pie-tatters
for crowds I can't see.

Would all those Fritters
of Moon Friddle, DAA-DEEE
come out for a snack
if a snack is to be?
For what is a Fritter...?
With no pipin' hot plove.
If you don't have a smatter
to bake on Moon's rove.

No not a clu-pett.
Or space-singing root.

Not even a Horned slummppett,
Ace-flying ganoot.

Not the Noodlecorn
Nuberneck bustor,
harvesting rows
of poodle-shorn mustor.

I'd like to dance 
with a Darcee-tailed Mott.
Or laugh at a Feather-trimmed

It looks like a gather
on top of this cheese,
Would rather not happen
to smarten or please.

Mr. Moon.
I'll bid you "farewell."
Back to my shack.
Where all that's swell.

I'll climb in.
Once more about.
To fire up the engines of Tee-Hummm about.
Wait just a minute!
Is not what I see.
It's coming in closer.
And closer.
I see.

The shape of a finest.
Is fair moving friend.
Is none other than mine at
the sight near...then.

Something so loud
is loudest at best.
Here comes the proudest
and most bad at best.

I've built motors
and quilt rotors' planes,
while milling those rails
hauling huge candy canes.
How sugar lumps roll!--
My eyes tune in sweet.
Seeing the sight of
a thousand figures' beat.

Maybe they're Fryzels.
Or Plump Poodle Bo'rays.
Or eighty-eight noodles in sheeptux berets.
This moon's got a story.
One is for real.
One that has come loudest
and sauced up for zeal.

We've gathered you moon
are a space-filled glut.
One cheese-splattered boon
of nothingess rut.
For all the trips in.
For all the trips out.
No one dared know of THEM all about.

I don't mean THEM...
those little green guys,
With fleece-ugly faces
and head like a fly's.

I mean two, twenty-thousand and four.
Twice as many now
as ever before.
All in a row---
thrice fifty times nine.
All in a column led,
dandy and fine.

Great gala who!
For snickety's sake!
Sailing from shores
on Caramel Cone Lake.
Pilot that Red-Dandee Candy must float!
Dressed in his beat of violo-may coat.
Perhaps it's his thousand
or maybe a mill,
dancing with grind organ Crill.

"For all who are here!
For all who are there!
For all who come far!
At the moon we must stare!"
So sings the man
who can drum up a tee,
while taking the hum out of a
ho-humm UrEEE.

Maybe you moon
are no space-filled glut.
I'll take it all back
'bout that nothingness rut.
In all of these matters
and smidgeons of cheese.
In pour the platters of fun just to please.

Man-can-at-tee laughs
and brings out his cello.
While whistling a tune for
our other moon fellow...

I'll turn to my ride.

Have we got enough quip?
To lathe up a froth-flown
galaxy trip.
Better get home.
Better be soon.
See you on earth.
Under the moon.

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5 responses to “Tee Ho-Hummm Ureee! Let’s Fly To The Moon!

  1. Girl

    01/01/2012 at 7:09 pm

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Very interesting poetry…don’t think I’ve quite read a poem like that, but very funny and cute…I’d like to see the pictures that go along with that one :).

    • remostrainbarn

      01/01/2012 at 7:32 pm

      Thank you for your comment and taking the time to visit remostrainbarn! Remo Topper and his human counterpart, Montgomery, are busy working on bringing you the best in visual media to compliment your poetry-story experiences here at the trainbarn. We WANT and NEED your feedback so keep coming back, and soon we will be rewarding you with the best in a full course text/media site. Thanks for the encouragement!

      • writtercynt

        01/02/2012 at 11:27 pm

        Oh Montgermery,

        Kids are going to love this! Can’t wait to see what colorful pictures will accompany this. There has to be exposions of color…awesome! This is very unique Montgomery…I LIKE!

  2. writtercynt

    01/02/2012 at 11:31 pm

    Oh Montgomery,

    Had to correct my typos… But this will be very kid friendly and they are going to love this! Can’t wait to see what colorful pictures will accompany this. There has to be explosions of color…awesome! This is very unique Montgomery…I LIKE!

    • remostrainbarn

      01/02/2012 at 11:57 pm

      Kid friendly it is! Indeed, this is why the trainbarn is here: to provide a pure sense of adventure and enjoyment for everyone…kids and adults alike! Comments are always welcome.


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